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What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me? (Psalm 116:12)

Friends in Christ:

What do you own?
A couple pairs of jeans? A laptop? A car?
A box of baseball cards?
A house in Connecticut?
A few hundred shares of AT&T? A guitar?

For some of us, it would take a long time to list all our possessions. For others, it would be a short assignment.

Still, whether our list of worldly goods is long or short, the Christian tradition has a clear message for us: Be a good steward!

The word “steward” focuses our attention on the source of every- thing we might possibly scribble on a list. All that we have—life, breath, possessions, and especially love—are gifts from God.

We are not owners of these things, but caretakers. Stewards. And as faithful stewards, God expects us to use our money, our talent, our energy, and our very lives in righteous ways.

We are to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, shine a light of hope for those in darkness, teach our little ones the stories of the faith, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

This fall I encourage you to make your list—even a partial one will do. Then, give thanks to God for the bounty before you. Say “grace,” and as you do, ask God’s help in determining what portion you might return to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church to support our vibrant mission over the coming year.

If you are like me, you may find it pretty easy to share what never really belonged to you in the first place!

In deep appreciation for your generosity and faithfulness,



Scott Black Johnston
Senior Pastor

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